Cámara Colombiana de los Expertos Internacionales

Asociación de Expertos Internacionales

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    The expert missions of the international Experts who can be member of the Chamber, without the following being exhaustive, are in particular these that are ordered by bodies affiliated to the United Nations (UN) or other international or governmental organizations.

     Chamber specifically purports :



    • To promote the quality and the integrity of the international expertise
    • To defend the profession of international expert and to safeguard the interests of the members of the Chamber
    • Within the context of the international expertise, to develop and to protect the professional deontology, in particular establishing rules of good conduct and being in charge of its respect on the part of the members of the Chamber. Within this framework, to offer solutions for the settlement of disputes between Members and between Members and their clients
    • To promote, instigate, validate and manage specific trainings for the activity of international expert  
    • To develop, maintain and preserve relations of collaboration and solidarity between  the members of the Chamber or those of other organizations to which the Chamber would be a member
    • To develop cooperation and relations with organizations that use the services of international experts, and more specifically the United Nations agencies or other governmental or supragovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, banks and more broadly all entities that need international expert services.
    • More generally, to deal with all issues related to international expertise and to take steps to  help to its development.


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