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                              Our company
                   INTERNATIONAL SHIP´S REGISTER, S.L. (I.S.R.) was established in 1996 to provide independent, high quality marine
  consultancy and survey services to the shipping and offshore oil and gas industries. From our beginnings, we have grown to become an  international multi-disciplinary organization.


                             Our business
                 Our business is focused on all aspects of transportation and construction in the marine environment, and upon the accidents and casualties that can sometimes occur during the course of such activities. We have a unique blend of diverse technical skills, expertise and practical knowledge within the organisation that allows us to provide this range of specialist services, and we are a recognized leader in our chosen areas of business.

                      Marine safety investigations are carried out in conformity with International Treaties and instruments, including Article 94 (7) of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)  the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention which includes The International Casualty Investigation Code, and the Load Line Convention. Regard is also had to International Maritime Organization (IMO) Resolutions.

                      When the I.S.R. investigates a marine accident or incident, investigators will seek to determine its circumstances, identify and safety issues, and encourage relevant safety action.

                   The aim of all I.S.R. investigations is to prevent the occurrence of other accidents and incidents, rather than to assign blame of liability. This approach helps ensure the continued free flow of safety information for the purposes of improving safety in the future.

                       On-site investigations are detailed investigations where investigators from the I.S.R. attend the vessel involved in the accident or incident or a related premises. The investigators may wish to interview persons directly or indirectly involved in the accident or incident, or to remove and retain relevant documentation and physical evidence for further examination and analysis. It is accepted I.S.R. protocol that investigators seek to obtain such information or assistance in a manner which encourages cooperation. I.S.R. investigators will liaise with other parties with an interest, like the shipowner/operator /master or the Authorities, to ensure that there is minimal disruption to the operations of the vessel.

                       Sensitive evidence collected in the course of an investigation is classified as restricted information.


                             Our clients 
                        Our clients include Ships Registries, P&I Clubs, underwriters of offshore construction, transportation and marine special risks as well as Hull and Machinery and other marine insurance interests, energy companies and contractors, shipowners and charterers, lawyers, cargo interests and government bodies. Many of these are long standing relationships, developed over the years, and founded not only on our technical and professional capabilities but also upon our consistent ability to respond swiftly in circumstances requiring urgent attention, such as major marine casualties.


                             Our guiding principles
                        We consider our most important assets to be our people, our independence and our reputation. Our continued success as a company is testament to the quality, integrity and professionalism of our personnel and to their dedication, hard work and commitment to serving the best interests of our clients. These attributes are the key elements of the company ethos and form the core of the principles by which we approach every aspect of our business. 



                                               An Company/Owner interested in formalize a Consultancy/Investigation service, must submit,

                                                                  well in advance a written formal request by e-mail or fax to:



             Avda. Profesor Peraza Ayala, 11-1º-3

          38001-S/C. de Tenerife - SPAIN

         Tel. +34 922 270616

                +34 609 930983

         Fax +34 922 270616

















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