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With International Ship’s Register you will receive

the necessary assistance in the vessel Registration,

 Classification and Insurance under Panama Flag.



The Open Registry of Panama has the first largest

Merchant Marine Fleet on the world.

Advantages in the Open registry of Panama:


1.  Absence of nationality requirements concerning to Ownership of the vessel.

2.  Absence of age requirements with respect of a vessel.

3.  The revenues derived from the international maritime commerce of vessels

registered under Panama Flag are not subject to income tax in Panama.

4.  The Shipowner may engage personnel of any nationality within the prevaling

international maritime usages, giving them very advantageous conditions.

5.  Pleasure yachts are entitled to reduce tariff, and ship fleets are entitled to

reduce annual charges.

6.  In Panama Registry it is possible to have dual registration of a vessel under

certain circumstances, whereby a vessel registered under Panama Flag will

be allowed to fly another flag for a special registry on account of Charter

Party arrangements and vice versa.

7.  The confidence of the international community generated by the preliminary

mortgage registration over Panamenian registered vessels. Mortgages could

be granted to secure all kind of lawfull obligations, and could be executed in

any language in accordance with the laws of the place of execution.


Registration Procedures:


The procedure to register vessels under the Panama Flag is simple and expeditive.

It can be initiated with application for a Provisional Registry through a Legal Representative

(competent in the Republic of Panama). The purpose of the Provisional Registry is to allow

the title registration in the Public Registry Office and to ensure a reasonable term for

compliance with other requirements for Permanent Registration. The minimun required

information should be provided and the corresponding fee paid.


Once the documents are submitted and the fees paid, a Provisional Patent will be issued

by the main office in Panama which is valid for a period of six months. A provisional Radio

License for three months will also be issued. The whole process takes approximately two

working days.


The Statutory Patent and the Radio License are issued only in Panama. These are valid for

a period of four years and are granted after all the documents have been submitted.

Likewise, it is required that the title of the Shipowner has been duly inscribed in the Public

Registry. In the case of the Radio License, this is issued only when the interested party

submits a complete application, indicating the communications equipment the vessel will

have on board and complying with the GMDSS.


Minimun required documents for Provisional Registration:


1.  Copy of Power of Attorney.

2.  Copy of DOC, SMC & ISPS Certificates.

3.  Information to Panama Maritime Authorities of vessel details and the Company

responsible for Radio Expenses

4.  Payment of applicable taxes and fees.


Required documents for Permanent Registration:


1.  Original of Power of Attorney from the Shipowners.

2.  Title of Ownership of the vessel.

3.  Certificate of Cancellation of the former registry.

4.  Certificate of construction (if it´s new construction).

5.  Application for a Radio License.

6.  International Tonnage Certificate.


Inspections & Surveys:


All vessels must pass an annual inspection to ensure that they meet with international

safety regulations, carry up to date certificates and are properly manned and equipped

for their intended trade. To prevent the enrollment of potentially hazardous ships,

vessels built over twenty years ago must be inspected before a permanent Patent can

be issued. These inspections are monitored by the Directorate of Consular and Maritime

Affairs (SECNAVES) of the Ministry of Finance and treasury

All vessels are subject to surveys by an approved Classification Society that will issue

tonnage and other technical certificates.


To contact us:


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