Barbados Maritime Ship Registry (BMSR) is a high-quality open ship registry headquartered in London with offices around the world. A wide 
              range of internationally owned vessels flies the Barbados flag including tankers, bulk carriers, containerships and yachts. We pride ourselves on
             our  proactive approach to safety and inspection issues and require all our vessels  to be well managed and meet international maritime safety and
             environmental conventions.  
              BMSR is amongst the world's best ship registries and has been designated a "white list" flag by the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on  Port
              State  Control  and is part of the US Coast Guard's QUALSHIP 21 Program designed to identify quality controlled vessels visiting US ports.



          The Honduras Registry is open to all national and foreign Shipowners doing business in the areas of transport of people or goods, fishing or pleasure

             boating, drilling platforms and other maritime activities.

                                                                • Low initial registration fee.                     • Low annual fee.  

                                                                • Low cost annual Flag State inspections using our global network of nautical inspectors. 

                                                                •A Flag of quality confirmed as such by Port State Control statistics.

            We provide fast Registration of vessels, and Statutory Surveys under recognized Classification Societies.



         Vanuatu registration and annual costs are amongst the most competitive available. In addition, fleet discounts are offered.

             Vanuatu is a member of IMO and has acceded to all the major conventions, Including MARPOL, SOLAS, STCW, Load Line Convention, Collision

            Prevention Regs., etc.

             Vanuatu takes pride in its fleet safety record and strives to assist its clients in maintaining this record through proper manning and an effective inspection


            Vanuatu has a vast network of Special Agent Commissioners and independent inspectors.



          The Liberian Registry – the second largest in the world – includes well over 3100 ships of more than 96 million gross tons, which represents 10 percent

              of the world’s ocean going fleet. As the world’s premier open ship registry, the Liberian Maritime Program is renowned for quality, efficiency, safety

              and service. Likewise, the Liberian Registry is recognized at the top of every industry "white-list” including the International Maritime Organization and

              the major Port State Control authorities such as the US Coast Guard as well as the Paris and Tokyo MOU regimes.

             The Liberian Registry is open to any ship owner in the world. In order to enter the Liberian registry a vessel must be less than 20 years of age and

              must meet high safety standards.


                                                                       MARSHALL ISLANDS

           Types of vessels that may be registered under the Marshall Islands flag include: tankers, cargo ships, containerships, passenger vessels, MODUs,

               tugs, yachts, fishing vessels and other ocean-going vessels.

              Vessels should be under 20 years of age at time of registration. A waiver of the age requirement may be granted depending upon a satisfactory evaluation

              of the condition, seaworthiness and usage of the vessel.

              Ownership must be in the name of a Marshall Islands National, Corporation,  General Partnership, Limited Partnership (LP), Limited Liability Company

              (LLC) or Foreign Maritime Entity qualified in the Marshall Islands.



           The Republic of Panama offers a sovereign open ship register, allowing foreign individuals or corporations to enjoy the same privileges as

               Panamanian nationals.

              According to Lloyd’s statistics (June 2007), Panama has increased its lead as the world´s largest shipping registry: during 2006, Panama’s merchant fleet

              grew by almost 8% to 98.2 million gross tonnage. This represents over 18.5% of the total world merchant fleet.



            Looking after a fleet of 1,200 vessels, IMMARBE, the International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize, operating for more than 20 years, is viewing

                 itself as a rising force among the open registries of the world and  more importantly not as yet another flag of convenience.

                The Belize Registry is currently managing a quality fleet of 1,200 vessels, registering an increase of 37% in new ships during 2009, versus the year

                before. That percentage is predicted to increase by 50% this year, especially if the relative legislative framework is amended within the next couple of

                months as expected. The new legislation will be more modern to cater current needs in the market, as well as to offer financing options to ship owners.




                                                        SAINT VINCENT & THE GRANADINES

               Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, member of the IMO, since 1980, is also a member of the Baltic Exchange. The country ranks among the top 20

                   leading fleets of the world.

                   In accordance with the Shipping Act, 2004, a Commissioner for Maritime Affairs, was appointed by the Cabinet to carry out administrative duties in

                   foreign ports and undertake the general superintendence of all matters relating to merchant shipping and registration of ships.




               The Registry was established to ensure that quality ship owners and operators would have the ability to operate their vessels under the  sovereignty

                   of a nation that prides itself on the protection of environment and humanity while fostering economic stability and  growth in the international 

                   The Commonwealth of Dominica is a nation that is a sound democracy, is at peace, is environmentally responsible and is directly impacted by maritime

                   trade and industry

                    The marine safety experience of its founding team has over 100 years of experience at IMO.



                The Comorian Registry was recognized by the International Maritime Organization as a party to the International Convention on Standards of

                     Training Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) 1978, as amended, that gives full and complete effect to the relevant provisions for

                     the Convention.

                      Since December 7 th , 2001, the  IMO communicated to the Commissioner for Maritime Affairs that the Comorian registry had joined the White List

                     of the STCW parties









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