Estudio de Yoga Anusara -de La Habana-

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  • Luz Este e/ 10 de Octubre y Delicias 11-13 apto. 31 Víbora La Habana Cuba Tel:53-7-698-1236 cel. 53 7 5386 3239

    Clases, talleres, retiros, video-clases y conferencias

    Clases, talleres, retiros, video-clases y conferencias
    Cursos que se imparten: Niveles básico, básico-Intermedio, intermedio, avanzado, yoga para meditadores, curso de formacion de instructores
    Elementos técnicos: 
    Técnicas de control de la respiración (pranayama)
    Técnicas de posturas de hatha yoga (asana)
    Técnicas de relajación (savasana)
    Técnicas de meditación (dhyana)

    Clases privadas disponibles

    Donaciones (dakshina)

    Dear friend and yogastudents:

    We are happy because you are receiving yoga classes in our Studio or you will do be. It is good for you to learn yoga and increase your practice each day. That will improve the benefic which yoga has for body, mind and heart, in your life.

    We recommend to you continue practicing and follow the different programs we offer in our Studio as: yoga public classes, private yoga sessions, therapeutics, yoga workshops,video classes, yoga talks.

    We also ask you to attend the Dakshina Project of our Studio, which was created to help in the progress and development of yoga practice in our country.

    Dakshina is an ancient yoga practice of giving something in return for been learning yoga under the guide of a yoga teacher. It has a great value in moral and spiritual life and it is an absolutelly free offering.

    If you apply for the Dakshina Project of the Studio of Yoga Anusara –from Havana- with your contribution, you will be collaborating in bringing the benefics of yoga to the life of many people.

    Give dakshina for yoga development and life enhance.

    If you donnate 25.00 cuc ----- you will receive a printed yoga manual

    If you donnate 50.oo cuc ----- you will receive a printed and a CD format yoga manual

    If you donnate 75.00 cuc ----- you will receive a printed, CD format yoga manuals, anda CD yoga video

    If you donnate 100.00 cuc --- you will receive a printed, CD format yoga manuals, a CD yoga video and a DVD yoga talk of an illuminated yoga meditation Master.

    Your contribution will help to produce yoga materials and to complete  the computer equipment of  our Studio.


    We appreciate your contribution.

    With many blessings,


    Maria de los Angeles Montes and

    Vladimir Ferreiro González

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