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After 5 years of friendship, Jix from planet Clor comes to visit his earthling friend Nestor, but what any of them realased was Size Matters until they meet. Nestor discovers his alien friend Jix is a mega colossal boy and has to get his attention before his alien boy destroys the earth without knowing. Meanwhile Jix, thinking earthlings are his same size, discover in the Earth a lone planet, unawaring those tiny bugs around his feet were earthling people. Will Nestor and his friends get the attention of this mega colossal boy from Clor in time? Discover it watching this mega colossal adventure!

Code: gbz-020
Language: English
Duration: 38:57 min.
Size: 340 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: FULL HD 1080p
Price: $44 USD
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Size Matters

Update: 02/25/2021
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