Julio Valdes  Fuentes

               Violin de Cuba

Julio Valdes (1987, Cuba)  comes from a music family starting with his grandfather Julio Valdes ''El Caballo'', famous Cuban folk singer from  60s and 70s, followed by his father Manuel Valdes, professor and double bass player  and  his mother Giselda Fuentes, Cuban  violinist and bass player  in popular female orchestra Canela.
With seven years he began to play the violin and piano. He started  at the Conservatory of Music Manuel Saumell  with professor Alla Taran and finished in 2006 at the prestigious Amadeo Roldan Music Conservatory of Havana  with the same professor.
From an early age he was Influenced for jazz by his uncle, Jesus Fuentes, great saxophonist.

All that energy of music helped  him to participate the contest  JoJazz (talented young jazzist)  where the president of jury was famous  Chucho Valdes. With only  16 years he won the third price.  After this competition he started with career professional, he  got a lot of opportuni tys to play in the most famous  theaters and halls of the  island with the most famous musicions like Omara Portuondo, Ibrahim Ferrer, Silvio Rodriguez

In 2005 he joined the orchestra Charanga de Oro, which was one project of Buena vista social club.
In 2006 he was a member  of the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba and professor of violin at the music conservatory Ernesto Lecuona in  Sancti Spiritus.
He is also arranger and componist. He has worked in many musical productions, wrote music for a lot of groups and
musicions  from Cuba and abroad, his music is used in TV and radio programs.

. He recorded the CD  ''Segunda cita'' with the singer Silvio Rodriguez, which was  nominated for Grammy awards.
Currently he is studying violin in Real Conservatorio Superior  in Madrid where he has some project  in classic and popular music in different citys in Spain :Madrid, Alicante, Placencia, Tarragona, Almeria, with violin and piano.
Recently he formed a project called Akokan where in the first plan is to connect  young musicions from different countrys with new  ideas and  from each culture pick the best and at the end have music which is uniqu and fresh.

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