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 ¡¡¡  Holbox, an island adventure !!!
Martin Anthony Betancourt Serrano                                                              
Isla Holbox Quintana Roo, Méx.
Phone : 0052 9848752355 from foreing
   movil : 0052 984 108 2033      


Our Mission: To provide domestic and foreign tourists an alternative eco-tourism, based on respect for nature has to offer, preserving, and sharing with it to know it better.

Our Vision: Preserving natural resources and environment around us and contribute to sustainable development without altering the state of nature

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Holbox Island is located in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, near Cancun,Holbox is a virgin island with just 1,500 in habitants, 100% island of fishermen, Holbox offers the tranquility you need to forget about ot the stress, spend your Honeymoon Riverine enjoy fishing, the succulent sea food, and an endless tourist activities so you can take a beautiful experience this paradise. The island has 42 km of white sand where you can walk, run, pick up shells, lie down on the white beaches and enjoy the constant coming and going of the sound of the waves combined witht he blazing sun that your skin will make your desire admirers. Holbox is without doubt one of the few islands in Mexico they have these special characteristics, their geographical location on the island tends to grow slowly, there are currently some comfortable hotels,lodges, inns, there is only one ATM bank Bancomer , Hospital, Office of Telecomm, Internet Café "Don Antonio", which is the best on the island, there are also golf cart rental agencies, car rental ask for the"Glendy." You can also find some restaurants where the succulent taste of fresh fish dishes,
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